Saturday, May 12, 2007

I found out recently that more of my domains registered with Registerfly have expired. There were no email notices save for warning regarding one domain - which is strange because I've always gotten them before. I would think that's a logical thing for a domain registrar to do.

I hesitate to renew them though, as all I may accomplish is lose money and/or give them my credit card info without any service rendered. I don't think it's unreasonable given their history.

A lot has gone on since last I posted. There is a Wikipedia entry on Registerfly that gives very good brief on what went down and also what has been behind Registerfly's problems.

So 10-year business partners, Frank Medina and John Naruszewicz, part ways bitterly. Each accused the other of misappropriating company funds. This is important since one of the problems Registerfly had was that 75,000 domain names were lost because Registerfly did not have funds for a registration fee.

Anyway, they fight to control the company. Frank Medina deletes passwords needed to refund customers and generally sabotages the business. By March 2007 Jogn Naruszewicz runs Frank Medina runs Court gives Frank Medina control of Registerfly on March 8th.

All through this ICANN did not acted on customer complaints and accusations of fraud.

Registerfly lost ICANN accredition on March 31st. Or so it seemed. Frank Medina has invoked arbitration clause in the accredition agreement.

So at the moment Frank Medina is in control of Registerfly and Registerfly is still an accredited registrar. There is a class action lawsuit against Registerfly, ICANN and eNom.

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